Latin American Fusion

LIMA Tapas Bar is a Latin American Fusion concept.

Our cuisine inspired by the food of the great Andean civilizations of South America that for thousands of years cultivated plants and herbs, such as corn, avocados, chili-peppers, peanuts and chocolate.

The arrival of European settlers in Latin America incorporated many of these ingredients into Spanish, Italian and Portuguese dishes as well as adapting local dishes to European palates and introducing new ingredients like citrus, wheat, almonds and beef into the region.

Later Asian and African influences were introduced by immigrants who brought with them their culinary traditions. All of this blended together to become the diverse and exciting cuisine that exists in South America today.

Our menu is inspired by Latin America, adapted to appeal to local palates and designed to be shared.

Kitchen closes at 20h30


Indoor 50 | Outdoor 65

Total occupancy not to exceed 115 persons

Remember to keep your distance from other group and to sanitise regularly

Shop U58, Montecasino
Monday to Sunday: 08h30 - 20h30
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