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At The Perfect Health Centre in Fourways we work with our patients not only to get them healthy but also to keep them healthy.

Due to the fast pace of urban life, we lead extremely intensive, stressful and unbalanced lifestyles. The effects on our body and mind are tremendous. Therefore preventive medicine holds the key to treat this phenomenon and improve our lifestyles.

We offer a unique, individualized, medically based therapy with lasting results.  Our therapy is formulated and monitored by our trained medical doctors and has a very successful record of accomplishment in Europe.

  • We will help you feel better, look better and live better.
  • An individualised, medically based approach to obesity, so that you can lose weight permanently and in a responsible way!
  • Medical Weight Loss & Metabolic Disorder Management
  • Medical Doctor
  • Dietician
  • Tailored Therapy
  • Multi-Disciplinary
  • General Preventative Screening for all ages

Protect yourself from future illness visit the Perfect Health Centre at Montecasino.


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