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An authentic fresh food market is now open near you. Selling carefully selected products that are local, artisanal and delicious from breads, meats, cheeses, homemade pasta, homemade snacks, drinks and more!

Our Traders:


Local entrepreneur Adrian Kretchmar met an Austrian ‘VLEISHCMASTER” named Robert Wiegele who decided to mentor and train him in the artisan trade of specialty MEAT CURING. Robert comes with 50 years of experience with specialty meat production in large companies and his experience spans from Europe to South Africa.  

They commenced building a bespoke meat preparation butchery around May 2020 on his family farm which is just outside Johannesburg in a beautiful valley with a river running through.  So it set the scene for our artisanal butchery to be established. They started their process of curing meats and developing a small product range that they felt were presentable and special to the market place and have grown from strength to strength since then.


We have been producing high quality natural cheese for over 20 years. With generations of family cheese making knowledge, our goal is to continue making the most flavorful and highest quality cheese.  Our secret is that we still use handcrafting techniques which bring out flavors that giant automated manufacturers could never duplicate.


What began as a hobby and has now blossomed into a successful but more importantly sustainable RAW honey business. We not only provide delicious, local and ethical honey but we also promote the importance of Bees and the need to protect them and their environment

We encourage people to get involved in our “Live LEE Hives” initiative by sponsoring a BEE. Your contribution will help us take care of our bees and their hives. But it will also help leave a legacy for my children and yours. Which in turn helps make the world a little sweeter.


Our ready-made meals are following traditional recipes passed down through these generations, and we have especially curated the highest quality imported and local ingredients in our recipes to fulfil those Italian cravings.

Our lasagna bolognese is made using traditional slow cooked rage made of a mixture of pork and beef, red wine, soffritto (Italian aromatic base), tomato and olive oil, layered with egg-free pasta and beschamel sauce, sprinkled with parmigiano and mozzarella to give that delicious crunch on top.

Our lasagna Bianca on the other hand is perfect for vegetarian cheese lovers, as this combination of spinach, ricotta, and parmigiano is layered in between egg free pasta sheets with beschamel and mozzarella cheese.

Thirdly, our melanzana parmigiana is a much loved recipe inside and out of Italy, with each region having its own variation. Our version offers battered aubergines which are fried and layered with a slow-cooked tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmigiano. This version is also gluten free!

Lastly, we offer a tasty dessert treat in the form of tiramisu, this version is alcohol free so the whole family can enjoy it!


Sam’s Fresh Produce – farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  We source from only pre-approved suppliers, who need to meet the criteria of organic, naturally grown or as close to the source as possible. By supporting the smaller farmer you are supporting ethical farming practices which promotes sustainability. Direct from the farm with minimal intervention provides a healthier produce, which in turn helps you to be healthier.


From the bean to the cup… Our journey began once upon a time, from the vision of those who saw a world of new possibilities inside a coffee bean. Today, we are fine-tuning the details of our journey and pursuing new goals, whilst looking to the future and keeping a close eye on our past. It’s all a question of balance: as our roots anchor us to the ground, nature gives us the basis to grow and soar sky high, so we can reach you anywhere with the best quality products.

A unique blend born from the union of nine different Arabica coffees, selected directly from the best harvests in the world according to Illy. A symphony that gives a unique flavour: a perfect balance between acidic and bitter, an aromatic profile of great amplitude, a pleasantly prolonged finish after tasting.


“I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream!” Who said you have to travel all the way to Italy to indulge yourself in some homemade gelato when you can experience it right here!. We are a brand that reflects true Italian gelato – born in Rome and growing in South Africa.

This Brand was started by 3 friends, David, Sandro and Mauro, thanks to more than 40 years of experience of David’s family in the gelato business at La Fonte della Salute in Trastevere, Rome. We then decided bring to South Africa a piece of Italy, starting a brand new company with the goal of making the best artisan ice cream around.


Exquisite, handmade and superior – the best three words to describe Sweet Angels heavenly fudge!
Sweet Angels offers a new concept in sensory fusion through recipe design – engaging the scent of natural flavours with intense taste.

Our gourmet fudges are assembled using fruit, nuts, oils, spices… even flowers or vegetables to achieve these pure flavours. They truly live up to their descriptions! There is no cheap artificial essence in our kitchen. We have also chosen not to deliberately replicate any existing products; rather to innovate through inspiration. All recipes are original, resulting in an extensive range of fudge flavours… exciting, balanced and perfect.


Biltong@ZA is popularly known for their delicious, traditionally-made biltong in South Africa, offering a wide range and outstanding quality of biltong.

Our butchery and biltong delis, target dedicated biltong and meat lovers by offering fresh meat and superior biltong with that almost forgotten exquisite taste that means quality; while still offering excellent value for money. We also stock a varied range of gourmet food items, handpicked for our brand’s commitment to quality.



During the times of the Corona, the Amoretti brothers decided to follow their true passion for Italian food and share their cooking with their friends.

Ti Amo Italian Deli makes everything in small batches from our home base in Johannesburg. To achieve optimal flavour and quality, we use original recipes handed down over generations. Our dry goods are sourced directly from Italy and the best local suppliers, our produce is farm fresh.

Come and try out our delectable breads, biscotti and scrumptious cakes!


RealFood4Sure provides a one stop online shop where my local customers can purchase fresh healthy produce and various other products from small local businesses. Customers simply order online and before you blink the orders are delivered to your door, fresh, wholesome and delicious.

We have selected our premium brands of pickles, sauces, rooibos teas to bring to the market. Come taste CARARA Cherry Peppers, Fabrica Aioli, and Dr Trouble Chilli Sauce and take home your favourite.


If you are interested in becoming a trader at our Marketplace:

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