The Lying King: Circle of Laugh

Sun, 29 Nov 2020


Sun, 6 Dec 2020

Wednesdays and Fridays

Pieter Toerin Theatre

R150 per person

All covid-19 protocols will be observed and social distancing will be implemented in the seating arrangements. Remember he/she who laughs masked, laughs best!

Directed by Christopher Weare, Alan Committie returns to Pieter Torien’s Theatre with his brand new stand-up show: The Lying King.

2020 has been quite the year for surprises and so, in that spirit, he will take a slightly skewered look at events from the past year, outline the comically bizarre possibilities for the following 12 months and try to make audiences laugh their way through the eye-popping confusion of modern-day living.

Committee will talk about Jerusalema, Heidi en Klara and other 80’s tv deceits, the frustration of autocorrect, the lure of the finger biscuit and the spectacle of wearing glasses…or perhaps not talk about any of these things. Because December is some days away and things are moving very fast.

Plus, if you’re lucky, Committie will perform the entire opening sequence of the Lion King by himself playing all the animals except for the Kwagga (for legal reasons)….

Show Dates

Friday, 27 November: 20h00

Saturday, 28 November: 16h00

Sunday, 29 November: 15h00

Wednesday, 2 – Friday, 4 December: 20h00

Saturday, 5 December: 16h00

Sunday, 6 December: 15h00



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