Hotdogs At Sausage Saloon

Probably The Best Hotdogs In The World


Sausage Saloon Montecasino

At Sausage Saloon we don’t just make “hotdogs” – we make hotdogs AWESOME! Sausage Saloon have taken the good ol’ fashioned classic cuisine and created a new breed of hotdogs. Sausage Saloon brings you fun, sexy and mouth-watering hotdogs. Our hotdogs aren’t just good they are International Award-winning!

Our menu is continually being updated to offer you the best new flavors and phenomenal specials plus it is combined with our selection of complementary delectable sauces and toppings that gives an endless variety of mouth-watering combinations. And what’s a dog without a good roll? Our unique freshly baked wrap around roll produces an incredible taste that just hugs in all that yummy goodness! We don’t just make your taste buds dance for joy; we are fast and give you great value for your money!

When you want a Sausage Saloon Hotdog, we know that waiting in long queues is not an option – a mover and shaker such as yourself have places to be after all. That is why we at Sausage Saloon ensure that once you have ordered our delicious hotdogs, it can be in your possession within a snap of a finger. Find us in the Food Court at Montecasino and give our hotdogs a try.

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