The Jewellery Village

Crafted by Local for Locals!

After noticing a lack of recognition and promotion of local talent in the Jewellery sector, in South Africa, Nqobile Nkosi, owner of The Jewellery Village decided to come up with an idea that will promote unique, local Jewellery designs and crafts. Inspired by his love for locally produced jewellery pieces, the Johannesburg-based jewellery maker has since created a name of himself locally and internationally through his craft.

After establishing NQ Jewellery and The Jewellery Village, Nkosi then took it upon himself to develop young, talented designers and providing a platform to market their unique designs in the correct fashion. Simplicity and elegance is the key cornerstone to the success of the establishment and all those who are part of it.

South Africa remains as one of the largest producers of gold, silver and platinum in the world, so it is no surprise that this country is home to a number of innovative and independent jewellery designers. Artisans are given the opportunity to showcase their manufacturing skills and items at the store, creating a space for new talent and filling in the gaps in the industry – working with up-and-coming SMMEs to guide them through their journey.

You can expect to find items that have been influenced by African flair; celebrating local craftsmanship. From design that scream opulence, to elaborate and simple creations, you can find various items that are made for you! Whether it’s a dramatic neckpiece that will surely turn heads or a contemporary accessory that will go well with any planned outfit, The Jewellery Village has distinctive designs to suit any one’s taste.

Recent commissions that you can find available at the store in earrings, pendants, rings and a variety of stones that include black pebbles and diamonds.

Through the use of natural and sustainable resources and material, all designs are uniquely produced, using high quality raw materials to create the finest jewellery pieces!

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