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Friday, 19 May 2023


Sunday, 11 June 2023

Wed – Fri: 20h00
Sat: 15h00 & 20h00
Sun: 14h00

Pieter Toerien Main Theatre

From R150 to R270

Starring Sylvaine Strike and Andrew Buckland.

With Tony Bentel on piano.

Directed by Toni Morkel.

In the remote village of Bucket’s End, nestled high in the mountains upstream from the disappearing river, Ferine and Ferase manifest their love by delighting in their masterful telling of the story of two ill-fated lovers whose forbidden love is ignited by full moons and fireflies. The exceptional clowning duo of theatre legends Andrew Buckland and Sylvaine Strike take you on an unforgettable journey into wonder with Firefly.

“One of the factors that make this piece so unique is the range of imaginative theatre traditions and techniques used. Clowning and its associated physical tics and contortions combine with perspective switches in both action and narration to help the audience understand which couple they are engaging with and what sort of emotional connection is likely most appropriate. An incredible level of detail adds a dozen extra layers – costumes that contort to reflect a character’s emotional state; a tiny peephole in a giant curtain, used just once, but revealing the specific headspace; the precise movements of one or both of the actors as they contort their bodies to fit an hilarious description of their appearance. Strike and Buckland, along with director Toni Morkel, ensure that nothing in this tidal wave of creativity exists purely for the sake of filling a gap, with each nuance helping to first establish an understanding of the story and then to inspire a feeling of ever-growing wonder at the poetic, desolate, hysterical, exultant genius of it all.” – Bruce Dennill, pARTicipate


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