Women Scale the Heights at Montecasino

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” Hillary Clinton

It’s a women-rich environment at Montecasino, with 571 women on the staff making up 51% of the total staff of 1 116, of which, 59 are in management positions, representing 37.58%. Two of the three Montecasino hotels are run by women, as are the Property Management, HR, Marketing, and Tables departments.

Debbie Combrink, Marketing Manager, believes the greatest achievement in her work life has been “working hard to stay relevant in a changing environment – through ongoing learning, training, and self-development”. She adds that a major challenge she has overcome is learning to listen. “When I was younger I felt that I needed to have an opinion on everything to position myself. I’ve matured to realise that knowing when to speak is more important.”

Caroline Naidu, Tables Manager, says she measures her greatest achievements in her work life by “the number of people I’m able to positively impact during my career at Tsogo Sun. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and develop a number of people who’ve subsequently achieved great successes in their roles.” Linda Reddy, GM of Palazzo, says she has overcome challenges with the conviction that “Lions don’t need to roar – and so developing a powerful presence built on respect and competence improves my leadership ability”.

Lerato Makoropo says her advice to young women starting out in the industry is, “Accept no limits, but more importantly, be willing to do your time by learning from others who have been there before you.” She adds that the greatest challenge she has overcome in her work life is learning that business is business – it’s not personal. Deidre Jameson, Property Manager, says her greatest achievement in her work life is being recognised for her efforts and her appointment to her current position. She advises young women starting out “to persevere and press through situations – and when all else fails, to continue to stand”. Bernie Hilario, GM of SunSquare Montecasino, who achieves balance through early mornings and late nights, advises women starting out in their careers that “If you are going to do anything, do it properly or not at all.”

Newly appointed Montecasino GM, Mike Page, states, “Of course we’re proud of all our staff at Montecasino, but in this month of celebrating women, we acknowledge their powerful contribution to our team. Our women are authorities in their respective fields and engage with each other and their staff with excellence. They drive development among their teams, are positive, hard-working and diligent. By applauding our excellent women leaders, we hope to encourage upliftment and empowerment of women in business.”

Celebrating the strong contingent of women in leadership at Montecasino are (from left): Lerato Makoropo (HR Manager), Caroline Naidu (Tables Manager), Linda Reddy (GM of The Palazzo Montecasino), Deidre Jameson (Property Manager), Debbie Combrink (Marketing Manager) and Bernie Hilario (GM of SunSquare Montecasino).

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