The Evolution Of The Superbrand

Montecasino, Tsogo Sun’s flagship property, sits at the apex of a national portfolio boasting over 90 hotels and 14 premier gaming and entertainment destinations; and enjoys footfall of over 9.3 million guests annually.

New and exciting ways are constantly devised to attract visitors with an endless stream of entertainment events and activities. The continuous expansion of the property has seen it evolve over 14 years from a casino with one luxury hotel, to the 38 hectare entertainment giant it is today encompassing an Outdoor Events Area, Outdoor Piazza, the Teatro, the SunSquare Montecasino hotel, The Pivot Retail and Office Park and the upmarket Southern Sun Montecasino hotel.

Revitalising the Superbrand
With a hierarchical structure characterised by multiple sub-brands and product offerings, operating in a dynamic industry where every type of entertainment can be considered a competitor, Montecasino has successfully positioned itself as a premium lifestyle brand that has it all, offering something for everyone, all the time – a message that has been effectively conveyed since the very beginning with its “Life is Beautiful” positioning statement all the way through to the launch of “We’ve Got it” in 2008.

But great brands do not entertain complacency and in order to stay relevant, regular re-evaluation of your brand’s look and feel is essential. Montecasino understands this and in order to celebrate the property and do justice to its award-winning status, embarked on a brand refresh that would see it re-connect with its Italian roots.

Still perfectly encapsulating the essence of the brand to Montecasino’s large sub-section of the market – everyone from 7 to 70 – while communicating the uniqueness and strength of the precinct’s offering, the “We’ve Got It” payoff line was maintained, but was illustrated in a more visual way, bridging the gap between Montecasino’s distinguishing structural attributes and how this was being conveyed through existing communications elements.

Together with Louise Sevel, the Group Brand Manager for Tsogo Sun, and the Montecasino marketing team led by Debbie Combrink, brand consultants, Dieselbrook produced some exceptional brand work which has resulted in a crisp, clean identity depicting the essence and spontaneity of Italian life while complementing the world-class quality experience visitors from around the globe have come to expect at Montecasino and communicating the class and power that they associate with the brand. All in all, adding even more allure to this award-winning entertainment destination.

Hours of intense scrutiny and engagement to rework and fine-tune the new look, has resulted in Montecasino’s new corporate identity, one which is fresh, modern, exciting and far less restrictive than any of the property’s previous CIs. This new look perfectly encapsulates the essence of the superbrand in every way. It’s the next step in the evolution of the Montecasino brand, a brand that will never stop changing.

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