A World First: Authentically Japanese, Locally Produced

Hoshigaki Dried Persimmons Gold Liqueur to be launched at 3SIXTY°, Montecasino!

Hoshigaki dried persimmon fruit is one of the most highly priced dessert fruits in Japan, and has, in a world first, been crafted into an exotic liqueur – the limited edition Hoshigaki Gold Liqueur, launched exclusively and promoted at Montecasino’s trendy 3SIXTY° lounge. The Hoshigaki dried fruit is priced at around $48.00 for 450 grams and is known for its unique texture and its toffee-like taste. Even though the Hoshigaki Gold Liqueur represents the flavour profile and aromatics of the dried persimmons fruit, it cannot represent the texture of the fruit.

Hanns Zimelka, Technical Manager and Owner of Foodtech International (known in the market as FTI) is proud of the fact that his company only uses specially prepared and selected dried persimmons fruit grown in South Africa, making Hoshigaki Gold Liqueur a 100% South African product.

With great respect for this Japanese tradition, Zimelka, known to his colleagues and friends as HMZ, has skilfully mastered the methodology of transferring the flavour profile of the dried persimmon fruit, as closely as possible, into this sensational, completely natural, limited edition Hoshigaki Dried Persimmons Gold Liqueur. Due to the small production cycles needed for the treatment and preparation of this delicate fruit, experiencing the aromatic flavour and taste of this liqueur, is indeed a great privilege. It pairs well as a mixer with gin, whiskey, bubbly, or simply, on a bed of crushed ice to be sipped for maximum flavour.

FTI is also a specialist supplier of raw materials and tailor-made products for small- to medium-sized businesses, in the food and beverage industry. HMZ is responsible for overseeing the development of customised ingredients and products, facilitating the importation and distribution of the products. Educated as a Master of Hoteliership, in Germany in 1960, HMZ started his career at Jensen’s Fine Foods (part of Reckitt and Coleman). It was during this time that he gained experience in the development of sales and marketing strategies, for clients such as the American Army and Air Force in Germany. In 1968 he moved to South Africa and established businesses in confectionary, baking and manufacturing, including canned luxury food, delicatessen lines and poultry processing. Once established and profitable, the businesses were sold to large South African organisations.

Fresh persimmons are red and orange in colour and taste very exotic. The fruit belongs to the genus Diospyros, which in Greek means “the fruit of the gods”. Commenting on the process of drying the fruit, Hoshigaki has been quoted as the “Kobe beef of dried fruit”.

3SIXTY° Liquid Lounge, a trendy lounge and restaurant offering some of the best cocktails in Johannesburg, prepared with style and precision by a team of trained mixologists, has secured exclusivity to launch the Hoshigaki Gold Liqueur on Thursday, 14 November. The upmarket venue has also secured the rights to promote the Hosigaki Liqueur on their menu until Thursday, 30 January 2020.

Mr Jason Victor, Food and Beverage Manager of Montecasino, says “3SIXTY’s involvement extends beyond just being the launch venue. Our upmarket restaurant is partnering with FTI to expose Montecasino’s visitors to the aromatic flavour and exotic taste of this unique liqueur – delivering yet another memorable experience to our guests. We are very excited to be a part of such a historic event!”

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