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Our Selected Pre-Theatre Menu Ensures Express Service

At The Hussar Grill you can relish an authentic grill room dining experience. This is an award-winning restaurant, where you can indulge in top class steaks with your friends and family.

With the Curtain Call offer, your pre-theatre experience ensures express service, giving you the option of indulging in any 2 or 3 courses which are exclusively available only on show nights.

Enjoy any 2-courses for R225 per person or 3-courses for R275 per person.

Only available on show nights.


Italian Tomato Soup | R80

Served with parmesan croûtes.

or Tender Fried Calamari Strips | R115

Served with Tartare sauce

or Chicken Livers | R85

Sautéed in sherry, onions, mixed herbs and cream or peri-peri.

Served with croûtes.

or Garlic Snails | R90

Pan-sautéed in either garlic butter or a creamy garlic sauce.


200g Rump/Sirloin (Class-A) | R160

Served with a side of your choice.

or Parmesan Chicken | R165

Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and

topped with a creamy mustard sauce.

or Grilled Hake | R125

Lemon or Garlic Butter. Served with a side of your choice.

or Gourmet Burger | R140

Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian. Served with any sauce of your choice.

or Deboned Half Chicken | R150

Expertly brushed with lemon & herb, peri-peri or BBQ basting.

Served with a side of your choice.


Hussar Grill Cassatta Ice Cream | R75

A combination of vanilla ice cream, peanut brittle, marshmallow, nougat,

Maraschino cherries and sprinkled nuts. Drizzled with our signature dark chocolate sauce.

or Crème Brûlée | R75

Caramelised sugar encasing a silky-smooth custard.

or Malva Pudding | R70

Sweet and sticky sponge, served with a drizzle of custard.

or Don Pedro | Kahlua | R60

  1. Only available on show nights.
  2. Eat-in only.
  3. All pricing is in ZAR.
  4. Valid for a limited time only.
  5. Offer excludes wine.
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