Largest-ever Poker Progressive win in Africa

Montecasino breaks African record for largest Poker Progressive jackpot payout

Montecasino is the unequivocal, irrefutable home of the biggest jackpot payouts in Africa. A record-breaking R7 ,691,061,20 was won on 22 May when one lucky Cape Town resident became an instant multi-millionaire by playing the Raise ‘Em Poker Progressive at Gauteng’s premier entertainment destination. Less than 24 hours later, it paid out again, giving Capetonian Moegamad Cloete R517.141,33 and something to smile about.

History was made in February when the same Poker Progressive hit its highest level ever, paying out a staggering R4.8-million – the largest amount ever won on a poker progressive in South Africa. Since then it’s reached R3 million, in March. Rising steadily ever since, it surpassed its own record three weeks ago, surprising Montecasino’s Tables management .“The Raise ‘Em Poker Progressive is a very popular game, which makes the progressive amount rise quickly, but we’ve been expecting it to pay out for weeks. We are exceptionally excited to have paid out such a massive win, and then followed by a smaller the very next day. It just goes to show that, at Montecasino, ‘We’ve Got It’ – the highest paying progressives on the continent,” says Caroline Naidu, Tables Manager at Montecasino.

Montecasino currently has six variations of tables progressives on its floor, with minimum bets ranging from R20 to R100. The top progressive payout value on the R100 Poker is currently sitting at R540,000.


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