The Joy of Books

The Joy of Books is Shared in Fourways and Diepsloot

“A good book is an event in my life.” Stendhal

Books galore were handed over to delighted children in Diepsloot and residents of an old age home in Fourways on 27 September following a successful book drive held at Montecasino in partnership with Fourways Review.

The drive celebrated International Literacy Day on 8 September, and all visitors to Montecasino were invited to bring a book to share the love of reading with young and old in the community.

Says Mike Page, GM of Montecasino, “The response to our drive was overwhelming and our thanks goes to everyone who came to Montecasino and dropped books into our collection boxes. Books are vital for development, learning and entertainment in the young and old, but unfortunately, in South Africa, SA Statistics states that of the country’s more than 15 million households, only about 50% have any books for leisure reading. The joy of reading should be available to all – and our book drive was an effort to make a difference in our area.”

The handover at the old age home saw a team from Montecasino and Fourways Review spending time with the residents, with tea, treats and games, leaving them with lasting memories and 50 new reading material.

In Diepsloot, the handover of 150 children’s books from the Montecasino collection and 300 puzzles from Caxton’s People Magazine took place at the Safe-Hub, which is sponsored by Montecasino and based at Muzomuhle Primary School. Primary beneficiaries were Grade 1 classes in the school and children of the Holiness Day Care ECD Centre. The handover team from Montecasino and Fourways review read to the children, shared book stories with them, and treated them to snacks and refreshments.

“Favourite books are a treasure in any life – and Montecasino was honoured to be part of this valuable initiative,” says Page.

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